10 Things They Forgot To Teach Us In School

Dominic McIntyre
6 min readApr 7, 2021

The real world is a crazy place.

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Admittedly, the school system is crap if you take a second to look at it. We are told to study all these subjects and participate in courses to complete a curriculum that will only help the school more so than it will actually help us. While some schools have various mandatory courses that must be taken by all students it is still not enough, hence why so many of us college students leave school without actually knowing how to survive in the real world among the real dogs.

It wasn’t until I started working and being my own adult that I noticed that I was actually clueless and had no idea of what the heck to do.

I had to ask serious questions about investing as well as questions surrounding proper money management. I basically had to fend for myself. You however are in luck, simply because you met upon this article where I will talk about 10 things that we were never taught in school.

Before I start I am not trying to discredit the school system because we all need to attend school to gain some sort of education, all I am saying is that they could have structured the system in a way to allow us to understand and better prepare for the real world.

What didn’t they taught us?

  • The real side of student loans and why they horrible systems

Student loans are one of the biggest contributors or sources of funding for many students, simply because college is expensive and many of us cannot singlehandedly afford college straight outta pocket. The constant chatter of how unavoidable they are has been echoed all around but truth be told it can be avoided — if you ever decide to not attend college simply because it is just not for you.

  • The Importance of Health Insurance

I was brought to reality after witnessing a family friend wither away simply because they didn’t have Insurance to properly fund medical bills and expenses. As you grow older you will see how important it is to get an insurance policy. While many may think that Financial Advisors can be excessively talkative and annoying ( i agree) they are here to save you from yourself. Get an insurance policy today if you don’t have one.

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